About Us

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse has been providing supports and services related to adoption and out-of-home care since 1999. Today, these services are a part of our Journeys program. The Journeys program is committed to providing quality support, information and education to any individual in Wisconsin who has been impacted by adoption or out-of-home care. This includes adult adoptees, reunified family members, birth/first family members, and the professionals who serve all of these populations.

Services offered include:

  • Support specialists across the state who can provide information and referrals
  • In-person family fun and support events
  • Online or in-person support opportunities
  • Short-term case management offered through the GIFTS Program
  • Educational workshops and conferences for individuals impacted by adoption or out-of-home care
  • Online directories of professionals and local support groups by region
  • Lending libraries with collections of books and DVDs
  • Consultation, training and educational resources available for professionals
  • Facebook page with multiple online support groups
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